Tennis coaching degrees

Tennis coaching degrees:

  • National Tennis trainner (AAT, 2007)
  • National Tennis Coach (AAT, 2008)
  • Professional Category 1 :  National ranking system (AAT, 2009)
  • Tennis Biomechanics (AAT ,2011)

Courses, trainnings, and workshops:

She has undertaken several courses, trainnings and Worshops held by certified Tennis Professionals and sponsored by Pretigious Tennis Asociations:

  • AAT (Argentina Tennis Association)
  • COSAT ( South America Tennis Confederation )
  • ETA ( European Tennis Association)
  • ITF (International Tennis Federation)
  • RFET (Royal Spanish Tennis Federation)
  • DTB (German Tennis Federation)
  • SvTF (Swedish Tennis Federation)
  • SWT ( Swiss Tennis Federation)
  • USTA (United States Tennis Association)
  • Workshop Argentina, 2007: ’High Performance, business and Team work’. ’Biodynamical Tennis System’.
  • International Tennis Workshop, by Richard Schönborn from Germany, 2008: ’Advance technique for competitive tennis players’.
  • Worldwide Coaches Conference Valencia, Spain, 2009: ’Development of tennis strategies for elite players and trainners’.
  • Wilson Workshop,  2010: ’Inlfuence of tennis shoes in palyers’.
  • Tränarsymposium Stockolm, Sweden, 2010: ’Rekrytering, Aterväxt & Talangutveckling’.
  • Play and Stay (Tennis 10s ), 2010: ’Service, warm up, play and points’ /’Slower balls, smaller courts, easier game’/’Progressing players from red to orange and green courts’.
  • ITF Short Course by Alberto Riba (General Director of the Spanish Royal Tennis Federation), 2011: ’Direction, Managment and teaching in Tennis Organizations
  • International ITF Workshop, Dave Miley 2011 (Executive Director of Development at ITF) with Miguel Miranda (Consultant of Development at ITF for COSAT) and Tito Vázquez (Capitan Copa Davis Argentina) ‘How to increase the tennis playing through Play and Stay, including Tennis 10s and Adult Xpress Tennis’ / ‘Tactics for advanced players under 10 years old, with red, orange and green balls’ / ‘Competition and organization Schema for 10s tennis players’  / ‘Tennis Regionalization in Argentina’ / ‘High performance’

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