Erica Krauth was born in Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She started playing tennis when she was 6 years old. She had represented Argentina in Southamerica (COSAT, Southamerican Tennis Confederation), ITF (International Tennis Federation), ETA (European Tennis Association), and USTA (United States Tennis Association).

The best ranking in juniors’ competition was number 1 in Argentina, number 1 in southamerica, and number 4 in the world. She played for her country in tournaments in South America and the World. Her professional career started at the age of 16, reaching ranking 226 (singles), and 103 (doubles). Represented her country in the Federation Cup, and the Pan-American games in Winnipeg, Canada.

She played first division club matches for Argentina, Germany, France, Austria and Holland, being part of the champion team of the best tennis league in the world (Bundesliga) in 2005. Erica actually divides her time between Argentina and Europe (mainly Sweden and Germany), where she plays and works as professional trainer.